We are two guys from Saint Paul, Minnesota who decided to completely upend our lives and travel the world in order to learn more about it, its history, its people and their cultures.  There will be no timelines or deadlines, and we want to experience whatever comes our way with completely open minds and hope to meet like-minded people from all over.  We are choosing not to drive down the well-worn road taken by most tourists; we would instead prefer to forge a unique path, one that would really allow us to connect to the local people and cultures of the area.  Although we will spend some time in the U.S. and Canada, we plan to drive our way down south as far as we can go in South America.  If we find a reason to stay in a locale longer, we will; if we feel the need to move on, we will.

We left our jobs, sold and gave away most of our possessions, and spent over a year getting things in order for this adventure.  Of course we’ve been asked, “Why?” or “What is the goal?”  Well, we don’t have an exact answer.  We want to experience the journey, not merely attain The Goal.  Or maybe The Goal is to not have a goal – simply to be.  Focusing on a specific end-task has a tendency to remove one from the present moment, and we want to experience all the present moments on this journey.  We want to really be good and more aware citizens of this beautiful planet, and the idea of community is important to us, whether through meeting fellow travelers or through an already-existing community into which we would hope to be welcomed as we pass through.

Our adventure began on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 and will continue until it ends.  We don’t know when that will be, but we’re not in a hurry.  In addition to visiting family and friends, we will be participating in Help Exchanges, staying with SERVAS hosts, camping, learning Spanish, and just seeing what’s out there.  If you have any ideas of places we should visit, let us know!

We are total novices at websites and blogs, but we will do our best to keep this updated and as reader-friendly as we can.  Feel free to poke around and let us know if you have any comments or questions.  Thanks for checking us out!

5 Responses to Welcome

  1. Martin says:

    Hey Guys it would be great to add you’re site to http://overlandsphere.com, please let us know or register directly on the site. Safe Travels

    Martin & Nicole

  2. Jesus says:

    Hello…I just found your website and looked around for a few mins, so I may be jumping to conclusions but you 2 are awesome….I just bought a 1999 4runner two weeks ago and I still have all of my planning to do but I’ve been selling all of my belongings and I plan on leaving nyc to travel through latin america indefinitely, in may 2012.
    I know that you guys are way ahead of me, so if you have any tips , I would love to hear them and maybe one day we can even meet up in latin america somewhere next year, if i catch up to you lol…..
    I don’t have any website or anything yet, and probably wont for a few months but if you can email me I’d love to get your advice on anything…….ustedes son campeones!

  3. Sandy Larson says:

    How fun to hear about your adventure coming soon! I am impressed at how many places you already have on the calendar. WOW. I look forward to reading future posts! Best of luck to you both!

  4. Lorelei says:

    Nice. I’m glad you’re doing this. It’ll be nice to be able to ‘check-in’ and see what’s up.

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