Six Month Check-Up

Posted from Farmington, New Mexico, United States.

Today marks six months since we left the Twin Cities and hit the road.  It’s been quite a journey so far, and we haven’t even ventured south of the U.S. yet.  But that happens in less than a week!  ¡Aye carumba!

The point of this trip was to do new things and meet new people.  One of our friends made the comment that we seem to know a lot of people all over the country.  Yes and no.  Through SERVAS and Help Exchange, we have also met, worked with, and befriended people we never knew before.  In addition, several of the people with whom we have stayed have been very generous friends/family  of  friends/family – who now, of course, we consider our own friends.

While at the meditation retreat we met someone who also did a lot of traveling.  When we told him of our trip he said, “On your journey, you will be amazed at how many people will appear out of nowhere to support you.”  It has been incredibly true and very humbling.

As we wrap up our time in the States, here is some proof that we have, indeed, been having plenty of great new experiences.  Here is a brief First Time For Everything list:




  • Learned how to then ate a lobster (Maine)
  • Slept in a tent for 11 consecutive nights (Canada)
  • Saw (and tasted) an iceberg (Newfoundland)
  • Ate tripe (Washington state)
  • Experienced an earthquake (California)
  • Spent Thanksgiving in a desert (California)
  • Went hiking over boulders and through tunnels without a path (New Mexico)

Greeting from New Mexico (before the snow fell)

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3 Responses to Six Month Check-Up

  1. Sue says:

    What an awesome journey you have already experienced! I pray the second half will bring more wonderful people into your lives. I also pray the angels will continue to surround you with safety and travel mercies. Love you!

  2. Chuck says:

    The new photo is fab. Love it. Nice rocks. Erik are you growing a beard? If not think about it. Bye

  3. Don & Alicia says:

    HEY guys, Very interesting we pray you will be safe going farther south. Will be waiting to hear more of your exciting trip. Don and Alicia

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