California North Coast Photos

Posted from Fort Bragg, California, United States.

You want redwoods?  We got ‘em.  Yes, we will concede that there are lot of pictures of trees in this post, but if you haven’t been there you just can’t understand.  There no words for the epic beauty, majesty, and profound presence of these trees.  As you look at them, just remember that taking pictures in a darkened forest is tricky enough, but we don’t have the fanciest camera so some of them may be a little dark.  But we hope you will think that are great nonetheless – and you can play a few round of Find Erik or Joe! There are also pictures of the ocean and maybe a cameo by a seal!  For the accompanying post, go here (Don’t forget, if you want to see more detail, you and click on the full size dimensions above each photo and it will open up in another window even larger.) 

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