Joshua Tree and Meditation Retreat Photos

We hope you like the desert, because here it is.  Pictures of some crazy, bendy trees in Joshua Tree National Park as well as lots of cacti on the grounds of the meditation retreat center.  To read the accompanying post, go here.  Thanks for viewing!

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2 Responses to Joshua Tree and Meditation Retreat Photos

  1. Agnes Wolf says:

    Hi Joe and Eric,

    I am very much enjoying your journal and pictures. Sarah Kempf is kind enough to forward them to me, but maybe now that you have my e-mail they will come in automatically. I’ll write more later, but today we are determined to get all the Thanksgiving down and the Christmas up, and I’ve been spending a lot of time (productive time) at the computer. Love, Agnes

  2. David says:

    Prosaic superlatives aside… my first thought was “Looks like the back yard at the dirt house in Custer…”
    - Erik will know what that means ;)

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