On Wisconsin

Posted from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, United States.

We’ve been at my parents’ house for the past week, trying to get organized.  We’ve done a fairly decent job so far but we haven’t left yet, which means there is still more to do.  We still have to finalize the wardrobe selections and organize our camping gear, among of things.  But we have been having fun spending time with my parents and seeing friends and relatives.

The big excitement is that Apollo has gotten gussied up this week.  He is outfitted with new accoutrements, including a bug deflector, ventvisors, and Maggiolina, the roof top tent.  We took a bunch of pictures, which are on the Apollo: Pictures page.

We also did a test run raising and lowering our Maggiolina roof top tent.  I think we may spend the night inside the tent this week to get a feel for it.  The weather here has been a little dicey for the past few days, so we’ll have to wait and see.  Check out those pictures on her very own page, Apollo: Maggiolina.

And then here at headquarters, we need to make sure that everyday life stuff is organized for my mom to handle while we are on the road: things like 2011 taxes, legal issues, and other assorted uninteresting stuff like that.  We also need to carefully and methodically walk/talk my parents through Skype so that we can all stay in touch after we leave.

As for scheduling, we have been working at filling in our dates for October and November.  The plan is to see California, Nevada, and Arizona during that time (including Joshua Tree National Park, the Grand Canyon, and plenty of wineries) with the anticipated border crossing to occur in early December.  Thanksgiving may be very understated this year, but that’s just fine.  No one needs a banquet to have a reason to be grateful; there are reasons all around us every day.

Speaking of which… new quotes are up.  Enjoy!

Next stop: my hometown of West Bend on Friday.  Oh boy!

Dad and I are competing in a washer toss game (similar to horseshoes). Even though it was Father's Day, I didn't let him win.

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5 Responses to On Wisconsin

  1. Kimberly says:

    It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen a pix (or in person) of your dad, Joe. He looks great! Although, the moment I saw it, I was suddenly hungry for spinach. Hmmmm :)

  2. Susan Mainzer says:

    Leo kept looking for the On Wisconsin badger…. He thinks the tent looks spectacular and he can hardly wait to visit it. Thought I’d best forewarn you. Very exciting. Susan

    • Erik says:

      Thanks for the comment, Susan. Please let Leo know there are no badgers inside the tent. Although, I’m sure he could find some to play with here in the deep woods of Wisconsin. We’re looking forward to seeing you, Tess and Leo at your place in NY.

  3. Amy Oriani says:

    I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this until now, and I know you have no room for bulky things like books, but on my bookshelf there is a volume titled “How Green Was My Father.” I’m not sure why I have it, but it is the 1947 version of your trip (ok, with a heterosexual couple, but who’s counting). A link is here: http://www.david-dodge.com/travel/hgwmf.html, and it is described as “In David Dodge’s first travel diary, the Dodge family—David, Elva, and 5-year old Kendal—leave San Francisco for Guatemala, via Mexico, by car. Along the way they learn about the hazards of trying to import canned milk into Latin America and driving in Mexico City. They spend a month seeing the sites in Mexico City and environs—including the insides of too many bureaucrats’ offices while trying to arrange passage for the three of them, plus the car—and eventually land in Guatemala City. Dodge also becomes a héroe americano, Dive-Bomber Dawtch, after a few too many spiked orange sodas in Veracruz.” Dunno. If you find yourself with too many spare hours some weekend, order it, read, and then you can published the updated version, some 70 years in the future. Thinking of you whenever I see my copy! safe travels.

    • Apollo says:

      Thanks for the recommendation. I’m not convinced that it is still in print, but I’ve made a note of it. This sounds like one of those books that could just happen to show up in a future destination – one where lots of travelers cross paths. If nothing else, you can bring your copy when you visit us in El Salvador!

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