Dogs and Ducklings

Posted from Brainerd, Minnesota, United States.

(or Perros y Patitos)

This is just a quick update – actually, it’s really just more of an excuse to include some more pictures of our former roommates Leo and Tess as well as some weekend pictures from Erik’s parents’ farm.  To see those photos, go to our June 2011 Photo Page.

We are officially homeless – not legally of course, since Apollo needs to be registered somewhere in order for him to travel with us, but for all intents and purposes we are residence-free.  This weekend we are in Motley, MN visiting Erik’s family and some of Joe’s orchestra friends.  We will be here until Monday, when we make one final stop in the Twin Cities to wrap up loose ends (like closing down our post office box) before Joe’s final performance, which includes the peculiar pairing of Shostakovich and Sousa.  (??!!)

An unexpected situation did develop this weekend.  Erik’s parents live on a farm where Erik’s dad has several dairy cows.  At one point on Friday afternoon, Erik’s dad heard the cows causing a commotion and went to see what was going on.  Upon examination, he discovered more than a dozen ducklings scrambling about in the pasture.  Erik’s dad thinks the mother hen was transporting the ducklings to another location by cutting across the farm, but all did not go smoothly.  The cows (and the farm cats) were not prepared for the visitors and reacted rather inhospitably.  Realizing that the ducklings would not survive the chaos of all those 1000 lb. cows, he ran around the pasture and scooped up as my ducklings as he could in order to save them.

Sadly, not all the ducklings survived the first night.  But after some food and water, we are hoping that the five remaining will get strong enough to survive on their own.  We don’t know what happened to the mother, but we are assuming that she fled for her life when confronted by the dangerous heifers.

And as if he weren’t busy enough, Erik’s dad also had to help deliver not one but two newborn calves early Saturday morning.  Big excitement at the farm this weekend!

This coming week we will bid “Adios” to the Twin Cities, our home for the past 15 years.  On Tuesday morning we head to Lake City for good times with friends and then on Thursday we are off to our first Help Exchange.  Don’t forget to check out our calendar to see what’s coming up!

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  1. Jennie says:

    Sounds like something from a James Herriot book!

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