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Hiatus Week in Guatemala (Part 2)

Posted from Río Dulce, Izabal, Guatemala.Picking up where we left off… [to see the accompanying photos, click here] Last week Thursday was a more-than-seven-hour drive to Antigua.  Thanks to Erik the trip was HOURS shorter than it could have been, since on … Continue reading

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Arizona and New Mexico

Posted from Nogales, Arizona, United States.(Or: Cabernet and Cacti)
To view the photos from this part of the journey, click here.
Back in September when in Seattle, we spent the afternoon with our friend Lyndee and her family.  Astute readers will remember … Continue reading

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Arizona and New Mexico Photos

This gallery contains 34 photos.

Posted from Nogales, Arizona, United States.Granted, we were relatively stationary during our time in northwestern New Mexico, but the scenery was always pretty incredible.  The first few days were mild and sunny; the rest were cold and snowy.  But the … Continue reading

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Pacific Northwest

Posted from Portland, Oregon, United States.(Or: Back in the U.S.A.)
Accompanying photos can be found here.
Our debut on Portland TV News can be found on the previous post here.
(This is admittedly a rather detailed account of our action-packed week.  Relax, enjoy … Continue reading

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British Columbia

Posted from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.(Or: All’s Well That Ends Well)
Photos can be found at the accompanying photo post.
Sunday morning we left our lovely Canmore Help Exchange host and began the drive to British Columbia, the final Canadian province on … Continue reading

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Posted from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
(Or, Falls and Falls and Falls)
Photos of our stay in Ontario can be found at the August 2011 Photos page.
As mentioned in the previous post, on Wednesday we headed to Toronto.  Because of timing and circumstances, … Continue reading

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Vineyard in Genoa, Wisconsin

Posted from Genoa, Wisconsin, United States.On the morning of June 9 we arrived at our first Help Exchange, a vineyard in Genoa (pronounced “jen-OH-ah”), Wisconsin, population less than 300.  The owners created their vineyard in 2004 as a hobby, but it takes … Continue reading

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