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Six Month Check-Up

Posted from Farmington, New Mexico, United States.Today marks six months since we left the Twin Cities and hit the road.  It’s been quite a journey so far, and we haven’t even ventured south of the U.S. yet.  But that happens … Continue reading

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British Columbia

Posted from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.(Or: All’s Well That Ends Well)
Photos can be found at the accompanying photo post.
Sunday morning we left our lovely Canmore Help Exchange host and began the drive to British Columbia, the final Canadian province on … Continue reading

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Saskatchewan Help Exchange

Posted from Alameda, Saskatchewan, Canada.(or: Green Acres, Canada-style)
To see photos of us in action at the farm, go to the accompanying photos post.
Leaving Toronto and heading to a small town in Saskatchewan, we camped for several nights.  Our final night of … Continue reading

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Well, not quite.  But maybe kind of.
I’ve been hearing from people who are marking the end of the practical summer with trips to the State Fair, kids going back to school – or kindergartners starting school, beginning rehearsals again, etc.  … Continue reading

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Posted from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
(Or, Falls and Falls and Falls)
Photos of our stay in Ontario can be found at the August 2011 Photos page.
As mentioned in the previous post, on Wednesday we headed to Toronto.  Because of timing and circumstances, … Continue reading

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Posted from Quebec, Quebec, Canada.Or, Maggi steals the show (again)
After the ferry brought us back from Newfoundland on Saturday, we hit the road.  Four days to drive to Toronto, and fortunately it was rather uneventful.  Lots of driving and camping … Continue reading

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Newfoundland, Part 1

Posted from Norris Point, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.(Or, There Will Be Fish Cakes)
The accompanying photos (there are many) can be found at the August 2011 Pictures Page.
On Friday morning we said goodbye to our HelpX hosts (and the pigs and … Continue reading

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