Many of our friends and family have asked how they could either contribute (e.g. buy a tank of gas) or purchase something we could use or enjoy, and by doing so participate in this journey. We find that to be extremely generous and are grateful that we have people in our lives who would even consider sharing their resources like that.

If you would like to make a donation so that we can purchase supplies where we happen to be, we have set up a PayPal account.  Virtually all local purchases would be Apollo-related, like gasoline or to replace a part.  (Our biggest expense is, in fact, gasoline.)  We are definitely not shopping for more “stuff” to lug around.

Another idea:  we would love to have more things to read on our Kindle, so we created a Wish List on Amazon: Apollo’s Wish List.  Most of the items are pretty inexpensive ($1-$15).  An gift card would be welcomed, too.

Thank you so much just for visiting our website!  If there is some small way for you to also be a better citizen of this beautiful planet in your own life as we are trying on our journey, we will be very gratified.

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  1. Tom Fletcher says:

    Hello Joe and Erik,

    I discovered the correct traffic speed in Central America is always one mile slower than the police will fine you for, and police have different opinions.
    As you get into central America do not be offended by the idea of offering bribes to police. This must be done gracefully…….like offering a gift. In general the more you deal with non-tourist serving people the better you will be. The local people are resourceful and generous. On country roads drive slow because you would fee horrible if you hit a goat or burro …and of course everything moves slow.
    When I lived in village Honduras I would often drive a pickup into the city and I always carried extra passengers from the village. Because I carried grand mothers, entire families protected me, and the grandmothers were fun. Do not give rides to single young women unless you plan on getting married.
    Goats and some pigs are OK.
    You will usually be safe. I was seldom robed in Honduras in the country side……just money.

    If you drive through Oaxaca you will experience some of the most sophisticated cooking in the world! I Minnesota every one thinks, chocolate when they hear the word “mole,” but the word just means a mixture or sauce and there are any different kinds. If you have chance try the golden sauce made with ground roasted pumpkin seeds. If some one offers you Iguana, try it! I developed an appetite for Iguana and my friend’s children hide their pets when I come to their houses. We call it “Bamboo Chicken.” and it is great roasted.

    I think country roosters only crow in the morning.

    I envy you.
    Hope the weather is warm.

    Tom Fletcher

  2. Keith says:

    What if there is a book that I think you’ll like but it is not currently on your list? Have you read “The Metropolis Case” by Matthew Gallaway? I read it this past summer and really enjoyed it.

  3. Chuck Fullerton says:

    I was just looking at Apollo’s WishList. I can’t decide, was his favorite musical group ACDC or The Rolling Stones?

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