Mexico City

Posted from Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico.

After three somewhat traumatic weeks in Puebla (let’s just say that my “friend” in Puebla is no longer my friend and I’m very grateful the whole ugly situation is behind me), I had the amazing good fortune of being able to spend a week with a very dear friend from Minnesota in Mexico City; she is a musician who was there for a week of rehearsals and performances.  Spending time with her, and one day with yet another friend from Minnesota who also – completely coincidentally – happened to be in Mexico City for the week, and listening to rehearsals and a performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony was as therapeutic as I could ever have hoped.  That, and more than my fair share of doughnuts and candy – a vice in which we indulged rather unapologetically.

Mexico City has an underground metro system that we took everywhere and had the greatest times exploring the city.  We walked around the Centro Histórico district absorbing all the fun sights, smells, and sounds; the zócalo with its cathedral and national palace; the brilliant National Museum of Anthropology; the gorgeous Paseo de la Reforma with its many sidewalk sculptures and monuments; the charming boutiques and parks of Coyoacán; the artisan markets checking out jewelry and textiles; and the magnificent ruins at Teotihuacán.  And I got to teach her how to order a quesadilla from a street vendor, haggle with merchants, and ask for a to-go box – all in Spanish.

Below is a larger-than-usual collection of photographs from around Mexico City.  It’s a big, big, big place.  But I love big places and I loved this place.  Yes, there are downsides such as the shoot-out at the airport on Monday between drug traffickers and the police (three officers were killed), which is unfortunately.  But it is what it is.  Dangerous situations can arise anywhere, even at home.  So as long as you keep your wits and common sense about you, you shouldn’t stop trying to live your life.

Next stop for me:  a 2-hour bus ride to the Puebla bus station, a 12-hour bus ride to the San Cristóbal de las Casas bus station (followed by about 5 hours downtime there), followed by a 12-hour shuttle ride to Guatemala City – complete with border crossing.  Then the next day I get to greet yet another wonderful friend from Minnesota who will be spending a couple of weeks with me as I introduce him to Erik’s and my favorite parts of Guatemala.  (An update from Erik is forthcoming, but know that he is doing well.)

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5 Responses to Mexico City

  1. greg says:

    … that’s where Rebecca C has been
    … LOL

  2. Don Nowack says:

    Joe, Your luckey to have friends where ever you go. You have seen a lot in your travels. I wonder what the Temps are down there when we are high 90s and 100s. Stay safe. Don and Alicia

  3. Karl says:

    Pepe, I think you found the Big Giant Head from “The Third Rock”!

    saludos y suerte

  4. Chuck says:

    Most beautiful photos: wedding cakes and ruins; cutest photo: Joe & Rebecca; biggest laugh: “A really big head. On the left”; most perceptive observation: old time radio.


  5. GailO says:

    Wow, Joe – sorry to hear you had a bad time in Puebla, but so glad you were able to get some much-needed therapy in La Ciudád de México! Give my best to Erik – glad to hear he’s doing well.
    Con cariño,

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