Photo Essay No. 2

Posted from Paradise, Nevada, United States.

While we silently meditate for ten days at workshop in southern California – and how interesting that this interlude comes immediately after going wild in Las Vegas – we thought we’d offer up another photo post of images from our travels.  Most of these have not been posted previously. Picking up where we left off with Photo Essay No. 1, more than half of them are still from Newfoundland but we do make it into Oregon with this posting.  Again, many images are flowers, but there are some icebergs, animals, and maybe even a pot of bean.  And more flowers.

Please enjoy and maybe even meditate on them.  We’ll be out in a few days (if Joe can keep his mouth shut that long) and then head to New Mexico, a very recent addition to our touring schedule.

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One Response to Photo Essay No. 2

  1. Tom Fletcher says:

    Hello Erik and Joe,

    I am really enjoying your travels!
    I am envious. I only travel as far as De La Sall Highschool on Nicollet Island.
    The people are different from my St. Paul, but they speak a language similar to ours.
    I will need to skip any trips to Honduras this year because we have this fifteen year old to look after ……and to pay for. I am old enough to remember when “being gay” meant you didn’t have to pay for kids.

    I particularly liked your ice berg pictures.
    Snow arrived here on Saturday and it was not nearly as attractive.

    I wonder if ice bergs have separation anxiety?

    Hope you are having warm weather.
    Good luck with the “silence,”….hope it is only temporary.

    Tom Fletcher
    ……..and Russ says “Hi,”

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