Photo Essay No. 1

Since we are in the middle of a two-week Help Exchange in Oregon and have nothing earth-shattering to report at the moment (unless you haven’t yet seen us on Portland TV News – you can check it out right here), we thought we’d share some photos that we’ve taken so far on the trip.  Most of these have not been posted yet and are of a different nature.  We don’t have the fanciest camera, but sometime we see details in images and want to try to preserve them.  There are no people and no epic views; these are mostly up-close shots, mainly of objects in nature.  This set starts at the beginning of our trip and goes up to our time in Newfoundland.  Hopefully these will be enjoyable until our next post, detailing the hijinks and hilarity of our current adventure.   Teaser: outdoor shower (neat!) but daytime high temperatures in the 50′s! (not neat!)

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And now the photos we promised…

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3 Responses to Photo Essay No. 1

  1. Chuck Fullerton says:


  2. Connie Metz says:

    Awesome pics! Thanx for sharing and hope you guys are having the time of your lives. You guys are in our thoughts often. Keep up the great updates. Love ya and safe travels:}

  3. Linda L Kidder says:

    The pictures are great! Calendar material?

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