Posted from Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico.

With Erik in the U.S. meeting with doctors and Joe currently exploring the various public transportation systems of Guatemala, we seem to have stumbled into a drought with our posts.  Therefore, we hired out for this one.   Today we present a little retrospective of all (or most) of our canine friends during the first year of the trip.  The post is brought to you by the traveling canines of our adventure, pictured first.  (We told them that it would be better form to be pictured last, but they didn’t like that idea.)  Anyway… ¡Disfrute! (Enjoy!)

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2 Responses to ¡Perros!

  1. Ford says:

    Hurray for dogs…they do their doggy jobs so earnestly and with such passion…and have perfected the mental state we humans work on doing yoga for hours and hours…”right here…right now.” Thanks for the show!

  2. Sarah and Rosie says:

    I give this post two thumbs up, and Rosie gives it two paws up!

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