Oaxaca: Reunited!

Posted from Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico.

The reunion you’ve all been waiting for… On Saturday, October 20, Erik and Apollo arrived in Oaxaca, along with our friend Chuck.  They left on the previous Tuesday afternoon, making it to Pharr, Texas, early Wednesday evening, driving pretty much nonstop.  They crossed the border bright and early the next morning and received the dreaded, random red light at customs, which meant that they had to pull over and allow for Apollo to be searched.  A Mexican official opened a door, peeked around, and let the gringos continue on their way with very little drama.  Whew!  From then on, it was pretty smooth sailing until their arrival in Oaxaca.  (They spent Friday night in Puebla, sampled mole poblano, and thoughtfully picked up some famous Puebla candies for Pepe.  To read Pepe’s earlier post about the food of Puebla, click here.)

Chuck generously agreed to accompany Erik and Apollo on this portion of the journey so that Erik wouldn’t have to be by himself for the approximately 2500-mile trip.  Since Chuck was only going to be here for a few days before flying back, since Erik hasn’t been to Oaxaca since this spring, and frankly since Pepe has never done any of the touristy stuff outside of the city, we decided to cram it all into a couple of days.  We showed Chuck around town – fun markets, restaurants, churches, events – and one day even ventured out on a 22-tourists-packed-in-a-van-for-nine-hours day trip.  Ay ay ay!   (One of the highlights from our first stay in Oaxaca this past spring was our visit to Monte Alban; to see those pictures, click here.)  Warning: tourists ahead!


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3 Responses to Oaxaca: Reunited!

  1. James says:

    Reunited and it feels so good! Glad to see the gang all back together. Looking forward to the next chapter of Apollos journey

  2. Don And Alicia says:

    Erik, So glad you had a safe trip back to your friend Pepe. Enjoy your time there until you come back to the midwest. We enjoyed visiting with you while you were here. Stay safe. Don and Alicia

  3. Yay! Finally. What are the plans now? xx

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