Mexico Travel Week Photos

Posted from Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico.

This week wasn’t the most interesting in our travels, but the ruins at Palenque were spectacular.  We hope you will enjoy this modest selection of photos.  To read about where we stayed and our travels, you can read the accompanying post.  Please enjoy!

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3 Responses to Mexico Travel Week Photos

  1. Don & Alicia says:

    Hi Guys
    Awsome pictures, What do you do for past time? This is realy great following your journy, keep up the good reporting. Thank you. The Nowack

  2. carlos says:

    The buildings and structures at Palenque are so very elegant. I wonder if art and culture were valued in the Mayan culture of the time? Thanks for the beautiful photos and fun post.

  3. Robert Crowley says:

    Wonderful Photos.

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