Las Iglesias de Oaxaca

Posted from Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico.

(The churches of Oaxaca… although a more accurate title for this post would be Algunas Iglesias de Oaxaca, (“Some churches of Oaxaca”) because we certainly didn’t get to them all.)

We’re taking a teeny break from posting about food today because the writer of this post has a bit of a tummy ache, and going through dozens upon dozens of food pictures, and writing about the experience of making mole coloradito and the food-filled day of Erik’s birthday last week isn’t quite that appealing at the moment.  But never fear, more food is  in store for the near future.  But until then, here’s a little picture tour of some incredible religious architecture inside the city of Oaxaca.

Obviously there were inhabitants, including Zapotec, Mixtec, and Aztecs settlements, in this part of the world for thousands of years.  But it wasn’t until the Spanish arrived in the 1521 that giant Catholic churches needed to be erected.  Many of the most impressive churches in Oaxaca are still from that time period.  Some original structures have been destroyed by earthquakes, but the replacements are still unfathomably impressive. Unfortunately, we toured the church during the daytime, when you can see wonderful things, but because the internal lights are never on during the day, our photos didn’t always turn out as we had hoped.  But there is still plenty of wonderfulness to look upon.

Hopefully you are into historic churches, but we will be back again with more descriptions of food and music in Oaxaca very soon!

(Don’t forget – you can always click on a thumb-nail to make the picture bigger!)

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2 Responses to Las Iglesias de Oaxaca

  1. Linda says:

    The churches are beautiful. (and your photos are great)

  2. Chuck says:

    These buildings are exquisite and, when I remember they were build exclusively by the hands of craftsmen, hard to believe. Spectacular!! Despite the light, or, in my opinion because of it, your photos capture their life. Many thanks for this gift.

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