Movin’ on Up(town)

Aye carumba!  We made it to Uptown Minneapolis today (Sunday).  The good news is that we have approximately half as much stuff as we did nine weeks ago when we moved out of our house.  The bad news is we still have way too much.  But it’s a work in progress.  Since Erik is now unemployed and Joe’s last big concert is over, we can focus on the task at hand for the next two weeks: reducing, reevaluating, reducing more, and packing.

This week we are saying a sad farewell to our other car, a 1996 Nissan Sentra named Leia.  She has served us very well for the past 12 years, and we are thrilled that our former neighbor has purchased her.  A good, reliable trooper of a car going to a wonderful, considerate friend.  Win-win!

The goodbyes are starting to accumulate, which can be emotional.  Thankfully technology has made this huge world a little smaller.  We did a test-run with Skype and Erik’s parents last week, and it was a big hit.

Since we both turned big corners last week, we’ve added a couple more quotes to the quote page.  Check them out.  We love when smart people say smart things and we can learn from their wisdom.

Also, some of you have inquired about what it means to subscribe to our website.  It means that you will get a little email notification when we enter a new post (like this one).  That’s it.  You can try it and then always unsubscribe later if you think we are too chatty.

Back to organizing our new living quarters for the next 17 days… Hopefully we’ll see some of you on Thursday the 26th! (see calendar)

P.S.  BIG THANK YOU to SRP for housing us for the past nine weeks (with three days’ notice).  As the first stop on our adventure, we can only hope that our future hosts are as generous and witty as you!


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2 Responses to Movin’ on Up(town)

  1. Merie says:

    Too chatty? I dare you to try to be too chatty about this adventure!

  2. Chuck Fullerton says:

    Hey Joe & Erik,

    Good to hear your most recent move went well. Sunny and cool weather makes the work easier: a cherry mood without those unsightly arm pit sweat stains. I imagine at some point pretty soon moving will become the norm. I wonder if living in the moment will then become more natural, too. I recently watched a program about traveling to the southern regions of Argentina. The host, his guests and the sights were interesting but I could only think about you standing on the wind swept Atlantic coast among the penguins – a good combination. Chuck

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