Busy Week

May has been a busy and productive month so far.  Joe and Erik have endured their Yellow Fever vaccinations with no side effects (next month – typhoid!), we’ve been approved for our International Driver’s Licenses, and Apollo received some fun accessories: something called a Vent Visor and Window Deflector, a practical if not necessarily glamorous bug deflector (with the snappy name Bugflector II), and some cool headlight protection film that will protect his eyes from flying stones and stuff.  We’ve also been working to line up more Help Exchanges and make other arrangements for visits with friends and relatives.

Packing is coming along, but it’s rather tricky.  There are several piles:  clothes that will be going the whole way with us, those that will only be going through Canada and the U.S., those that we need while living in the Cities for the next few weeks, and those that we are storing.  This is complicated because many of the items overlap.  If you see us wearing the same clothes frequently in the next few weeks, please cut us some slack.

Finally, we are doing our best to make this website interesting.  Next week, when Erik and Joe are no longer working, we hope to do more.  (Did you notice that you could subscribe?  Also, you can add it to your RSS feed on your homepage.)  Thanks for visiting.  We’ll see you around the Cities over the next few weeks!

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