Here is a collection of some pictures of ourselves from our journeying.  Hopefully you can stomach this much Joe and Erik.  We hope to keep updating it as we go.  Maybe someday soon these pictures will be available as a calendar.  Or maybe not.  In any case, a BIG Thank You to those friends along the way who snapped some of these fun shots.


One Response to Photos

  1. Mike says:

    We are in the process of sending out some Thank You cards to everyone that has helped us out this season. This could be a problem with you two worldly travelers , being
    your never in one place long enough. So …………… Thank You.
    With the help of several friends , that includes Eric and Joe , we managed to harvest over 13,000 lbs of the best Wine Grapes in our region. The wine is resting now in French Oak barrels and should be ready to be judged in eight months.
    As I follow your Great Adventure , I can’t help thinking , that you two have perhaps unknown to you ,a talent for writing about your tour. I see another adventure on the far horizon ,and that would be meeting a publisher. I think your adventure might inspire others to break loose and attempt to make the World a bit Smaller.

    Take Care
    As mentioned before ,the door will never be locked should you two come by this way.

    Michael & Marie
    Riverview Vineyard

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