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Posted from Quebec, Quebec, Canada.Or, Maggi steals the show (again)
After the ferry brought us back from Newfoundland on Saturday, we hit the road.  Four days to drive to Toronto, and fortunately it was rather uneventful.  Lots of driving and camping … Continue reading

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Newfoundland, Part 2

Posted from St ANTHONY EAST, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.(Or, Fish cakes, ahoy!)
The accompanying photos can be found at the August 2011 Photos page.
Previously on… Apollo’s Journey:
Joe was lamenting the wild goose chase for Newfoundland fish cakes when Erik discovered that … Continue reading

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Newfoundland Pics, Part 2

This gallery contains 54 photos.

Here are the rest of our Newfoundland pics, including the icebergs and the amazing Tablelands.  Yes, there many iceberg pics – it was just so hard to choose.  The accompanying post can be found here.  We have a decent little … Continue reading

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Newfoundland, Part 1

Posted from Norris Point, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.(Or, There Will Be Fish Cakes)
The accompanying photos (there are many) can be found at the August 2011 Pictures Page.
On Friday morning we said goodbye to our HelpX hosts (and the pigs and … Continue reading

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Newfoundland Pics, Part 1

This gallery contains 63 photos.

Yes, there are many photos.  But there are hundreds more that aren’t posted, so be thankful.  Pictures are in chronological order, so see the post for the schedule of activities.  Most of the scenic pictures are also larger than we … Continue reading

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Prince Edward Island

Posted from North Wiltshire, Prince Edward Island, Canada.(Or: O, Canada!)
Our week in PEI was planned because of a Help Exchange opportunity.  We’ve decided to do a post for our exploring PEI, a separate post for pictures that can be found … Continue reading

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PEI Pics

This gallery contains 30 photos.

To read about our trip to Prince Edward Island, see our post here.  To read about our Help Exchange experience, read that post here.
These photos are more or less in chronological order of our week-long stay on Prince Edward Island

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