Saskatchewan HelpX Photos

Ah, life on the farm.  We had such a good time and learned so much.  For your viewing pleasure, we present Erik, Joe, and the farm animals.  The accompanying post can be found here.

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3 Responses to Saskatchewan HelpX Photos

  1. Jennie says:

    Your pictures from the organic farm are outstanding!! Oh my gosh it looks like hard work.
    Now that Joe has dabbled in farming, perhaps is time for Eric to attempt conducting an orchestra!!

  2. Patrice pakiz says:

    Once again, nice photos and commentary. Are you choosing not to post pictures of your hosts, or do they not prefer it, or is it just coincidence? I’m just curious to put faces with the experience.

    Five by Design got a last minute call to sing at the Leinie’s stage today and tomorrow. Al’s going today, but I have a picnic to go to. And tomorrow we are going to Lanesboro to see “Little Shop of Horrors” and stay at a B&B to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. (hmm, I just realized that’s a funny title to be connected with anniversaries).


    • Apollo says:

      For the most part, unless they are family or friends, we made it our policy to keep our hosts anonymous on the website. It may be overly cautious, but we thought of a couple of reasons and so thought it might be a good idea for us and them.

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