Canada Curtain Call

Fun stuff about our time in and impressions of Canada


Canadian provinces visited (and slept in): 10 of 13

(sorry, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut – next time!) 


Total miles:

in Canada 6609 miles/10,636 km

overall on the trip: 10,580 miles


Restaurant chains that need to stop invading our personal space: 

tie between Tim Horton’s and Starbucks


Favorite Canadian chain business name: 

Erik:  Future Shop (electronics)

Joe:  Extreme Pita (self explanatory)

Favorite Canadian Beer:

Erik: Nelson Brewing Company’s Blackheart Oatmeal Stout (Nelson, British Columbia)

Joe: Quidi Vidi 1892 Traditional Ale (St. John’s, Newfoundland)


Most unnecessary fast food menu item: McLobster at You-Know-McWhere 


Favorite Canadian Candy: Smarties (like M&Ms but with a fruity coating)

Least favorite Canadian Candy: Big Turk 

Favorite big city: Vancouver, BC

Favorite small town: Nelson, BC


If you had a couple of weeks off and could only visit one province, our recommendation: Newfoundland


Coldest lake: at Grassi Lakes Trail in Canmore, Alberta

Warmest lake: at Moose Mountain in Saskatchewan (but it was still cold)


Most aggressive (and pushiest and meanest) drivers: Ontario


Province which amazed us with the number of Apollo’s relatives (4Runners) on the road (by far!):  British Columbia 



Canadian city that actually grows banana trees: Vancouver


Our favorite hosts:

ALL OF THEM!  Everyone we met and stayed with in Canada was warm, genuine, thoughtful, considerate, intelligent, likable, and good-looking.  We had a blast in Canada and will definitely be back again.  To Americans who have yet to visit: what are you waiting for?  It’s right there – look up.  The U.S. will still be there when you get back, have no fear.  And all of them – well, most of them (yeah, we’re looking at you, Quebec) - speak English.   The national park system is stellar, the topography is incredibly fascinating and varied, and there is no shortage of fulfilling ways to spend your time.  (Did we mention the wicked awesome curling championships?)  Need some recommendations?  Let us know – we’ll hook you up.


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3 Responses to Canada Curtain Call

  1. Chuck Fullerton says:

    fun stuff – thanks

  2. Leslie Zander says:

    I would love to visit BC and Newfoundland someday. I’ll add them to the list. I love your Best of Canada list. There’s actually an Extreme Pita at the St. Cloud mall. I would eat there again. I don’t know how that franchise would go over in Brainerd. “Yogurt on my sammich??”

    Enjoy the sun as you drive south. Wishing you continued safe travels.

  3. Alice Williams says:

    Very fun facts!
    Here’s one for you: Turkish Delight figures prominently the book “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” After reading it, I just had to try some so I bought it in England. It was hands down the worst “food” I’ve ever eaten! It tasted like I was eating perfume.

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