Modifications List

We purchased our 2000 Toyota 4Runner SR5 with 158,000 miles in 2010. These are modifications that we have made specifically for our trip:

Purchased Haynes Repair Manual

Removed original stereo and installed Kenwood KDC-MP3345U in-dash stereo with USB port and aux port.

Installed new Class III receiver hitch

Replaced stock incandescent cargo area dome light bulb with LED light.  (Brighter light using fewer watts with cargo hatch door being open for long periods of time during evening cooking.)

Installed new fog lights

Purchased 4 new all-terrain tires

Modified three of the four 12-volt accessory outlets so the electric current is always on instead of being on only when the ignition key is on.  (Important for use of 12-volt power in the rear cargo area for camping and for use of light, heat, fan in the Maggiolina.  This was done by removing a relay under the hood and manufacturing a jumper.)

Installed new Optima high-performance YellowTop dual-purpose battery for engine cranking and deep cycle needs.

Installed new Battery Brain monitoring device and engine kill switch with key fobs.

Installed Thule roof rack system for mounting of AutoHome Rooftop Tent.

Installed rooftop tent.  Maggiolina model made by AutoHome, in business since 1958.

Designed and built cargo area storage lock box.

Designed and built back seat area raised-platform false floor.

Mounted interior rear ceiling cargo net

Purchased new tow rope for recovery needs

Purchased the Club for visible steering wheel locking security

Installed license plate locking bolts

Installed X-Pel headlight, fog light and turn signal protectors.  (X-Pel is a clear thermoplastic with 3M adhesive that sticks directly on the lights to protect from rocks being kicked up by passing trucks.)

Installed AVS Bugflector II.  (Hood guard to deflect bugs and rocks up and over the hood and windshield.)

Installed AVS Ventvisor Window Deflectors

Manufactured window screens for sunroof, rear windows and hear hatch area

Installed four new heavy duty Bilstein shocks

Installed new Firestone Air-Rite suspension kit.  (Air pressure adjustable air ride suspension system.)

These are general maintenance for a ten-year-old truck:

Replaced center mount brake light bulbs

Repaired rear hatch power window so it fully opens and closes using key fob, console switch or key on exterior door

Replaced burnt out dash lights, glove box light, ash tray light

Cleaned behind dash remove dust in effort to rid smell of cigarette smoke

Shampooed carpets, ceiling liner and seats to rid smell of cigarette smoke

Installed new timing belt (new timing belt kit also included new water pump)

Installed all new belts, hoses, wires and spark plugs

Replaced all fluids in radiator, transmission, 4wheel drive, front and rear transfer cases

Installed new rear axle seals along with new rear brake drums


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  1. Patrice Pakiz says:

    Wow! I am SOOOO impressed by all the truck prep. It makes sense considering how all three of you will be close family for some time, and depending on each other.

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