Releasing Back Latch

Erik prepares to open Maggi in June

Erik prepares to open Maggi in June

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  1. Rob says:

    I too have been looking at the Autohome Maggiolina Airtop. Which size did you purchase, small or medium? Are you really bringing the ladder in at night? If so, where do you put it? Any other impressions you care to share after having slept some nights in it would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy your trip!

    • Erik says:

      Our Airtop is the small one. The width of the small Airtop fits the roof width of the 4Runner better, and in our travels we prefer to be as inconspicuous as possible.

      So far, the ladder has stayed out each night. If we should have concerns of the ladder being stolen in the night, we can always lock it to the Thule roof rack using a cable lock system. Or, it could be brought in and suspended from the ceiling of the tent using a makeshift bungee cord support system (there are loop hooks along the ceiling of the Airtop in addition to a cargo net across the entire front half of the ceiling). This being said, I think the cable lock to the Thule roof rack idea will be much simpler.

      After sleeping in the tent for a total of now 21 nights (11 of those consecutively), including in rain and wind, we have no complaints at all. We purchased the optional anti-condensation mat that goes below the mattress and we also purchased a custom sized pillow top mattress pad to place on top of the Airtop mattress. If we had to make the purchase again, we would do the same.

      The only alteration we made to the Airtop is the addition of padlock hasps on the front and back exterior for added security.

      If you have more questions, Rob, please feel free to send me and email through the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

      Thanks for your comment and thanks for following our travels.

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